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One of the primary uses of web sites is to display static pages for marketing or informational purposes. This is very useful for getting your company recognized by potential customers. Furthermore, with a few tricks, you can get your website to come up at the top of the list when your customers use a search engine. Sometimes, you may want something more dynamic to enhance your customer relationship, gather information, or have a centralized application bring your disperse company closer together.

Opportune Solutions has experience creating Internet applications since 1995, in the infancy of the Internet. Internet Applications can range from the very simple to the amazingly complex. Just a few examples of Internet Applications include:

  • Conduct a simple survey and capture the results on your website.
  • Create a large-scale application to manage cases, customer relationships, corporate calendars or e-commerce.
  • Develop reports or charts on changing corporate or customer data in real-time.
  • Whatever else you may need.

Opportune Solutions takes advantage of “open source” technologiesto develop Internet Applications. Open source has many advantages over proprietary and other much more expensive alternatives.

  • Open source has been proven to work in many high volume websites like and Yahoo Finance.
  • Hosting an open source application is the most cost effective approach. Most hosting companies support Internet Applications using open source databases for as little as $7 a month. The alternatives are hosting the application in-house or using an application service provider and both can be very expensive.
  • Most standard open source technologies are very stable and have companies who will provide support if necessary, not to mention an entire globe of contributing software developers.
  • Many software developers are familiar with open source technologies and can support your Internet Application into the future.
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Thank you. We appreciate the expediency in which you addressed the items from our meeting. And thanks for throwing in the Last Pending item. You Rock!!

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