GetMyLogins is a free web site and password management application which will allow you to easily track your logins no matter where you are or whose computer you happen to be using. You can be rest assured that your information remains secure. takes a new approach to make access to you information quick while keeping your passwords safe from prying eyes. If you are like most people, you only have a few passwords that you use with many web sites. leverages this fact so that you don’t have to enter your password every time you add a new web site.

Security utilizes encryption for all handling of your passwords. All passwords are always encrypted except when you specifically request to displayed them, so someone gaining access to your computer or a “public” computer that you have been using will not be able to see your passwords. fully encrypts all passwords stored on the server as well, so at no time are your passwords in clear text. In addition, all information that travels over the internet is fully encrypted as well.

How it works

Go to and register for a free account. asks only for information that is absolutely necessary. Your email address, login, password and secure password (to provided extra protection for your passwords) is all that is requested and optional hints to help you remember your passwords if you forget them.

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Student Rating of Instruction

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Just wanted to comment that this has been quite interesting and helpful. No one has ever inquired about what we want and are trying to accomplish - they just say, "buy this and buy that" … what a revelation! THANKS!

Roxanne Ostlund
Auer Woodley Ostlund CPAs, LLC